ID + CL Research

The WSU Integrated Design + Construction Lab (ID+CL) conducts sponsored design and construction research activities under WSU’s Institute for Sustainable Design + Construction, the School of Design + Construction, and is administered under the WSU Composite Materials and Engineering Center. The ID+CL advances innovation in practice as part of an allied regional network of university labs (UO, UW, WSU, UI, MSU) that provides technical assistance and market diffusion services to AECO building teams. The network seeks to transform design, construction, and building operational practices to advance high-performance building designs that are more comfortable for people, require less carbon and energy to construct and maintain, and enhance the health and productivity of occupants.

Vik Yadama and students test composite panels

Goals of the ID+CL

  • Employ students in cutting-edge research activities
  • Work on projects that support the WSU grand challenges
  • Advance energy savings and occupant comfort in high-performance buildings
  • Educate building occupants and building operators, and
  • Engage with the community and industry
Vik Yadama and students test composite panels

Research Areas

  • Engagement of building occupants, building operators, designers, and contractors through research opportunities, training, and education
  • Engagement of undergraduate & graduate students in research opportunities and scholarly activities through mentorship
  • Dissemination of cutting-edge research to the architecture, interior design, & construction communities
  • Education and resource development for safe and efficient energy management
  • Facilitation of occupant-centric research in emerging tech, building case studies, innovative training for energy codes, standards, and more!