Mckinstry Tenant Engagement Program Development

Dr. Day and the ID+CL team have been responsible for assisting with the development of a targeted and re-envisioned version of McKinstry’s occupant engagement module of the powerED program to support the zero-energy and zero-carbon goals of the Catalyst building and similar multi-tenant green and high-performance facilities. The primary goal of this project was to develop a tenant engagement and education program for the multi-tenanted Catalyst building to promote energy efficiency, health, and community within the South Landing development. These efforts will encourage a culture of energy efficiency and sustainability for Catalyst building occupants in ways that will positively impact the South Landing Development. As part of this program, tenants will learn a variety of strategies to save energy within the building (e.g. human-building interface and interaction with energy usage including heating/cooling, plug loads, lighting, etc.). Tenants will also learn sustainable behaviors and associated personal and facility impacts on the environment, health, utility costs, and the surrounding community. Ideally, tenants will also take lessons and tools learned in the Catalyst building and implement sustainable behaviors in their own homes to promote energy and money saving, further spreading the values of the Catalyst building and South Landing Project.

We were unable to implement the tenant engagement program in 2020 due to swift and unexpected work-from-home orders (we didn’t have any occupants to engage). However, we did successfully develop a tenant engagement playbook, which we can use once everyone has safely returned to work.

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