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The WSU Integrated Design + Construction Lab (ID+CL) conducts sponsored design and construction research activities under WSU’s School of Design + Construction (SDC), and is administered under the WSU Composite Materials and Engineering Center. Our mission is to transform design, construction, and building operational practices to advance high-performance building designs that are more comfortable for people, require less carbon and energy to construct and maintain, and enhance the health and productivity of occupants.

The WSU Integrated Design + Construction Laboratory (ID+CL) seeks to capture energy savings throughout the phases of building design, construction, operation and occupation. Our team targets cutting edge interdisciplinary research to advance building energy savings and occupant comfort through market transformation, education, and innovation. In order to increase our impact and accelerate progress in the built environment, we constantly are searching for opportunities of support from the design and construction industries, as well as the broader public. 

Your support could help drive significant and timely change in the built environment. If you are an organization interested in supporting the Integrated Design and Construction Laboratory, consider a strategic investment. If you are an individual, consider a tax-deductible gift

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