WSU Integrated Design + Construction Laboratory

The Washington State University Integrated Design + Construction Lab (ID+CL)  conducts sponsored design and construction research activities under WSU’s School of Design + Construction and the Composite Materials and Engineering Center. The ID+CL advances innovation in practice as part of an allied regional network of university labs (UO, UW, WSU, UI, MSU) that provides technical assistance and market diffusion services to A/E/C/O building teams. The ID+CL seeks to transform design, construction and building operational practices to advance high-performance buildings that are more comfortable for people, require less carbon and energy to construct and maintain, and enhance the health and productivity of occupants. Research topics include but are not limited to occupant comfort (thermal and visual), adaptive behaviors, energy efficiency, high-performance buildings, human-building interfaces and controls, and management of human satisfaction and behaviors.



ID+CL Services


Our expertise lies in advancing building energy efficiency through the development and delivery of tenant engagement programs, as well as post-occupancy evaluation research. Specifically, we offer the following services and research opportunities through the lab:

Post Occupancy Evaluations


  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) assessments
  • Identify barriers to building performance such as occupant discomfort, lack of training, and building community or cultural factors.

Occupant Surveys, Interviews, and Charrette Facilitation

  • Development, implementation, and analysis of occupant surveys and interviews to:
    • understand occupants’ perceptions of energy use and sustainability,
    • gather useful data to better understand how occupants inhabit their spaces,
    • identify barriers to successful occupant engagement,
    • assess occupant comfort, satisfaction, and indicators of health, and
    • offer suggestions to improve future designs and projects.

Tenant Engagement Program Development

  • Increase energy-efficient behaviors and occupant knowledge of building interactions,
  • Gamified interfaces to encourage participation in engagement strategies,
  • Development of associated graphics and campaign materials,
  • Education at move-in leads to proper use and maintenance of units, and
  • Evaluate the success of new building systems that improves efficiency.

Occupant Commission (Cx)

  • Occupant behavior engagement and training
  • Training and site/project-specific onboarding education
  • Building operator and professional education

Building Case Study Development and Disseminate

  • Implications of building design innovations and technologies on occupants
  • Compare building performance goals to occupant actions and behaviors in the building


Research Area


  • Engagement of building occupants, building operators, designers, and contractors through research opportunities, training, and education;
  • Engagement of undergraduate & graduate students in research opportunities and scholarly activities through mentorship;
  • Dissemination of cutting-edge research to the architecture, interior design, & construction communities;
  • Education and resource development for safe and efficient energy management; and
  • Facilitation of occupant-centric research in emerging tech, building case studies, innovative training for energy codes, standards, and more!