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Occupant Engagement Program Helps to Save Energy, Money

July 19th, 2023 Washington State University (WSU) runs the Energy and Comfort at WSU program through the Integrated Design and Construction Laboratory (ID+CL) to reduce energy costs, promote energy-saving behavior, and enhance occupant comfort. The program began with a survey of employees and interviews in selected campus buildings to identify and focus on behavior-based interventions […]

Our Students’ Achievements

Zach’s Singapore experience

February 1st, 2023 Zach Colligan is a graduate, and current ID+CL Graduate Research Assistant pursuing his Master’s in Architecture. As Zach began his master’s degree journey, he was one of five nationwide students who were by the National Science Foundation’s Center of Leadership Development in Built Environment Sustainability in partnership with Louisiana State University, the […]

ID+CL Research Assistants Compete in SURCA

March 28th, 2022 In the return of an in-person SURCA event, three of our amazing research assistants submitted abstracts and created posters to compete in this Undergraduate Showcase event. Ailee Simpson received the Grey Award in the category of Arts and Design for her work regarding Luminaire Level Lighting Controls (LLLCs).  Additional Information can be […]

Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award Recipients

August 27, 2020 Danica Miller received the Auvil Scholars Fellowship, in support of research, scholarship, and creative activity for undergraduate students in all majors, all campuses, and at all levels of undergraduate education. This fund was created by a 2006 gift from the estates of Grady and Lillie Auvil, Wenatchee tree-fruit entrepreneurs. Grady Auvil believed in […]

Newsletters About Our Research Projects

Senior Living Project

March 8th, 2022 Life and people’s daily interactions with buildings have changed significantly over the last several decades. As many buildings become more automated, some controls or building interfaces may not be intuitive, and/or certain populations may not understand how to (or be able to) use controls to maintain their comfort and preferences. As we design buildings, […]

Smith Teaching & Learning Grant Paper

January 2022 A requirement for all Architecture and Construction Management majors at WSU (Washington State University) is to take a two-semester course entitled Building Science I & II, CST_M 332 and CST_M 333, respectively. In these courses, fundamental topics are taught and discussed in hopes that the students will utilize the knowledge learned in their […]

Welcome Our New Members!

ID+CL Welcomes New Undergraduate Research Assistants!

At the termination of the Fall semester, we were able to hire two bright new faces to the ID+CL team! Zach Colligan and Grant Larson. Zach is a senior in the Architecture program and Grant is a junior in the Construction Management program. They are both valuable new additions with a passion for architecture, design, […]

New Undergraduate Research Assistants!

December 28, 2020 At the termination of the Fall semester, we were able to hire two bright new faces to the ID+CL team! Maddy Vance and Grace McGowan both juniors in the Architecture program are valuable new additions with passions for architecture, design, research, and construction. We are eager to get these new team members […]

Check Out Our Podcast

Learning from the Greats Podcast Series comes to a close!

December 2021 Our podcast, Building HEROes completed its first series this year. The series entitled; Learning from the Greats, included four episodes with individuals from all sides of the industry to help teach people just like you about the built environment and those that inhabit it. Speakers included Lisa Heschong, Barbara Erwine, Steve Brooks, Martin […]

Recent Episode


O’Brien has worked with approximately twenty industry and government partners and raised over $ 3 million in the past five years. He has authored or co-authored over two hundred peer-reviewed publications and co-edited two books on net-zero energy buildings and occupant research methods and is currently completing his third book, which is focused on occupant-centric building design.
This episode talks about the importance of interface features and how occupants and operators can change personal behaviors to improve their comfort levels.


2m50s: Introduction to the Human Building Interaction Lab.

9m00s: The complexity of building systems and those effects.

15m35s: Highlight of a favorite project at the HBI Lab.

22m45s: Interface usability factors and standardization.

27m30s: IEA Annex 66 and 79: What they are, what’s to come, and their importance.

32m45s: How do I get involved with the Annex?

34m25s: Occupant Centric Design: Key topics and why this issue is important.

39m00s: Closing comments from Liam.


Ph.D Building Engineering, Principal Investigator, Human Building Interaction Lab