Energy Champions


Energy Champions communicate valuable information from ID+CL, on behalf of Facilities services to their respective departmental teams by:

  • Posting physical reminders to turn off the lights, equipment, and posters in departmental spaces
  • Verbally reminding peers about ongoing energy-saving topics, such as proper space heater use, and shutting down electronics at the end of the day
  • Forwarding email communications to the respective departmental group
  • Reminding people before long weekends and university holidays to turn off their unneeded office equipment, remove food from desks/fridges, and close blinds
  • Getting people excited about saving energy and resources at WSU
  • Helping colleagues learn how to reduce their energy use and be more comfortable in their working spaces

They are instrumental in helping us reach our goal of saving energy on our campus:

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Reduce Energy Costs

Foster a Sustainable Community

Maintain the Health of Building Occupants


French Building

French Administration:

Oluwafemi Sunday (“Femi”)
Amanda Beardslee
Adam Malcom
Cynthia Hollenbeck

Katharine Cross

Kristina Peterson-Wilson
Monica Collins
Jaide Wilhem
Anna Schilter
Kristi Tattershall

Todd Hall

Todd Administration:

Nancy Swanger
Lydia Guenther
Darci Bagot

Suzanna Billington

Johnson Tower Administration:

Francis Benjamin

Greg Neuherz

Wade Lafferty

Angela Merril

Kim Lucas

French Building

Lighty Administration:

Emily Brashear
Sean Greene
Stephanie Alvarado

Bryan Herron
Javier Garza (#35)


Smith CUE Administration:

Zachary Rost
Hildegarde (Hilde) Velasco-Faga’autau
Dawn Stetler

Nathan Tims

Carpenter Hall


Tony Burt

Eldon de

Kate Barnes


Audrey Hoffman

Gary Turner

Wilson Short:

Dana Torgeson

Kent Miller

Sydney Davis

Claudia Mickas

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