MEP Virtual Video Tours for Building Science 1&2 (CSTM332&333)

Lectures with pictures and words do not suffice when it comes to truly understanding the complexities of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems in buildings. Oftentimes, students require hands-­on experiences and field trips to fully grasp these intricate concepts. Field trips are an ideal way for students to experience different types of projects, equipment, and MEP aspects of design and construction. However, the feasibility of getting large groups of students into the mechanical and electrical rooms of a building is a challenge (especially when these courses typically have 95-­100 students).

This project advocates for the creation and curation of pre-­recorded video tours of construction sites, existing buildings, and emerging technologies to provide students with a deeper understanding of best practices. Through experiential learning-inspired videos, the building science courses will gain diverse educational material that capitalizes and builds upon the school’s strong and valued industry partnerships.

As a part of this project, Dr. Julia Day is coordinating videos to support and promote diversity in the construction industry.