WSU Tenant Engagement project kickoff!

August 30, 2021

After a year of preparation and program design, the WSU Tenant Engagement program has begun!

If you are an employee working in the WSU Pullman Campus French Administration, Lighty Student Services, or Smith Center for Undergraduate Education buildings, you will be seeing guidance designed specifically for you in the coming weeks. These buildings were selected as primary targets for the pilot phase of engagement due to occupancy types (mostly offices with full-time employees), occupant comfort challenges (as reported in the 2020 survey, but also from service call records), and existing building performance issues (being some of the more inefficient buildings on campus with essential services).

Starting with targeted and university-wide communications, the ID+CL is in the process of rolling out an engagement campaign to help the WSU community learn about energy efficiency, build a community of Cougs that value energy efficiency, and manage their comfort and wellbeing where they work and live. Newsletters, in-person and digital events, as well as ongoing research activities and departmental engagement activities are planned throughout the semester.

If you would like more information or become an Energy Champion for your department, please reach out to the program coordinator, Shelby Ruiz at

Selected campaign materials can be found on our website, along the left side of this screen, under WSU Tenant Engagement.