• Occupant behavior engagement and training, i.e. occupant commissioning
  • Indoor environmental quality assessments (including thermal comfort and visual comfort)
  • Human-building interface research related to design and energy use
  • Balancing energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality (and associated human health outcomes) through qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Occupant behavior program and feedback implementation to achieve behavior-based energy savings
  • Development of building data visualization tools and graphics to engage occupants and owners
  • Regional technical design assistance with daylight modeling
  • Life-cycle assessment and carbon balance quantification
Capabilities + Tools
  • Diverse collection of daylighting applications that can be viewed, explained, and demonstrated on site to aid designers, contractors, and operators in the selection of daylighting designs and controls, including a heliodon and light table
  • Multiple external and internal institutional partnerships incorporating expertise in energy use
  • High-quality photography and videography equipment including a camcorder, DSLR Camera, light boxes, microphones, and supporting equipment.
  • BIM simulation and modeling software and techniques
  • Parametric modeling